Terms of use and privacy policy

Terms of use and privacy policy

These regulations regulate the legal and commercial relations between “Cobalt Trade Ltd.”, P.O. 515318665 (hereinafter: the ‘Company’) through the website https://en.r21.co.il hereinafter: (the ‘Website’ and/ or the ‘virtual store’) and its customers (hereinafter: the ‘customers’ and/or the ‘customer’). Subject to the rules of this regulation.

The regulations must be read carefully and all provisions of these regulations will apply to any use or purchase on the website.

Orders on the website

In order for us to be able to fulfill your offer to purchase a product (hereinafter: “your order”), it is necessary that the products you ordered are in the inventory of the website store. Although we do our best to ensure that the products shown on the site are in stock, sometimes products shown on the site are out of stock. If the products are missing, we will send you an appropriate message via your e-mail or via phone. In this case, the company reserves the right to submit to you, if there is one, an offer to purchase an alternative product of a similar nature and price. If you accept our offer, your order details will be updated again. If you decide to refuse, your order will be canceled and your credit card will not be charged.

Every time you enter a product on the website and every type of sale, you must register, but the customer is defined as a registered customer.

Purchases will only be made in practice by confirming the credit card.

Delivery times will start only after receiving the approval from the credit card company.

A credit card provided by a surfer and approved by the credit card company will be refused as proof of the cancellation of the transaction from the company’s point of view. The surfer can contact and correct the confirmation for payment, if the site approves the change.

All prices on the website include VAT unless otherwise stated.

If an error was found in the price of the product, the company may inform the customer of the incorrect price of the product and decide whether to sell the product at the stated price or charge/credit the difference. If the company decides on a supplementary charge or credit, the customer may cancel his order without any payment at all.

Product delivery

The various products will be delivered via business couriers or Israel Post. Products delivered by these means will be shipped according to the following delivery times:

Courier service – up to 4 business days (if the product is in stock, if not – add the delivery time to us)

Israel Post – we cannot commit to a delivery time by Israel Post. In every shipment by mail, a tracking number will be provided to the Israel Post to the customer.

The products will be shipped only after receiving confirmation from the credit company that the transaction is correct.

If incorrect identification information is provided when placing the order, we cannot guarantee that the products will reach you. In the event that the products are returned to us due to incorrect details provided, the customer will be charged for shipping and handling fees if the product cannot be sold again. Please make sure to fill in accurate and up-to-date details. Submission of false personal details is absolutely prohibited and constitutes a criminal offense according to the provisions of the Penal Law, 1977-1977 and/or any other law.

Self-collection – the ordered products can be collected after two business days at least, and in coordination with the relevant branch. If the customer comes to pick up the product without coordination and without enough time, we do not guarantee that the product will be in stock at the time of the customer’s arrival.


Payment is made by credit card. The order and credit card details are transmitted via a secure server where they are encrypted.

If there is an error in the price of the product on the website, a telephone contact will be made with the customer and if the price is higher than the payment, the option will be given to complete payment or cancel the transaction.

Order confirmation and shipment tracking

After confirming the order and making the payment, you will receive a notification confirming receipt of the order. In addition, you will send a notification to the customer’s email about the start of processing the order.

You can track the processing of the order by phone – 03-5174449

Product delivery

Product delivery to the customer’s home will arrive in a closed package that has undergone prior reviews regarding its contents and the quality and quantity of the products inside. In the event that a customer complains about not receiving a product that arrived in a closed package, the complaint must reach the company’s management immediately, which will act to find the problem.

Signing the receipt of the package will be a confirmation of receipt of the product. If a product arrives damaged due to a bump or a sign of damage on the package, then the buyer can refuse to accept the package or notify the company’s management at the time so that they will make a decision and allow the customer to open the package before signing and confirming its receipt in its entirety.

Returning products / canceling a transaction by the customer

You can cancel the purchase of products within fourteen days of receiving them, when they are packed in their original packaging and have not been opened at all and have not been used. The shipping cost will not be credited in any case.

If a product meets the conditions of return, a refund / credit will be given for the price of the product paid minus the shipping fee and a reduction of 5% of the product’s cost, according to the law. Products can be physically returned at one of the company’s branches, or sent via courier mail or with any courier company Otherwise, for the avoidance of doubt, the store does not accept products for return or exchange by regular mail / registered mail.

Cancellation of a transaction by the site

The company reserves the right to cancel a transaction if the following conditions are met:

In the event that any mistake or human error is found in the definition of the product, its details, price or any detail in the advertisement of the product.

The website, at its sole discretion, has identified a buyer as a prohibited customer who is not a private customer or a customer who does not meet the website’s conditions.

In the event that the site or the site management does not approve a transaction with a particular surfer.


If there is a warranty period for the product (it does not exist for all products), a delivery warranty certificate will be attached, which the customer will have to send for what is written on it. Only in this way will it be possible to exercise responsibility.

There is a possibility that the warranty certificate will already be filled out in the company’s warehouses, in which case the certificate appendix will be attached.

Warranty on these products will be enforceable only by attaching the purchase invoice.

The surfer’s commitment

The surfer undertakes to act in good faith and honestly during the purchase or order as well as after the purchase and delivery.

The surfer undertakes to notify any error in the delivery of the product he received or if he received another product by mistake or if he received more than one product he ordered. For example: if the customer received two packages instead of the one he ordered or another package that is not intended for him. Should such a mistake be discovered by the website, the customer undertakes to return the product or pay its value for it on the day he received the product, according to the price list of the store and the website on the day he actually received the product.

Privacy statement

We will do our best to avoid revealing personal details of the surfers, except for those shown in the user’s profile. The information may be used by us for the benefit of the surfers, such as sending updates and promotions and will never be given to any third party, except:

Situations in which the law requires us to provide the information.

There is a suspicion against the user that he maliciously sabotaged the website or harmed the users of the website, etc.

Substantive authority to judge

The laws of the State of Israel will apply to these regulations and everything arising from them or related to them, the regulations will be interpreted according to them, and any dispute or legal question in connection with it will be brought to a decision in the competent judicial court in Tel Aviv only.